Working to make a brighter future for Mississippi's Dogs & Cats

The MS-FACT.ORG website was started in 2009 to seek tougher laws to be passed in Mississippi for cases of animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect to cats and dogs. The MS-FACT.ORG website is privately owned, named and created to educate, inform, and provide updated information on passing tougher cruelty laws for cats and dogs in the state of Mississippi. MS-FACT.ORG is not affiliated with any other state or national organization and is done strictly on a volunteer basis.

It is through education, the people throughout Mississippi can have an impact to voice their concerns to legislators to pass sufficient laws for heinous acts of severe abuse and/or neglect for those who cannot speak for themselves. It is my goal to promote community awareness, support and involvement to have sufficient laws passed to protect and prosecute those for aggravated cruelty and the inhumane practices of abuse/neglect to cats and dogs. Please join me in my mission and be a voice to help the cats and dogs that suffer throughout this state that cannot speak for themselves!

For more information about ways you can help, feel free to contact me at  gbrown@ms-fact.org.

Thank you for your continued help and support.


Gail Brown


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